Tree Removals and Pruning

IMG_0220IMG_0223IMG_0224IMG_0225IMG_0226IMG_0227IMG_0228Here we removed 3x trees from a large garden to allow more light and room for the more mature copper beech trees to grow.
Also we reduced a large cherry tree away from the property.

This property was located inside the conservation area and all planning applications were completed and submitted by us.

Dangerous leaning Fir tree



Here we safely removed a fir tree which had failed its root system due to high winds,

We were called out early in the morning in the morning to come take a look at this dangerous tree, we straight away got the police to close the road for safety purposes and proceeded to bring the tree down safely!

The tree was surveyed by Hamish Heley and deemed safe to climb, we then brought the tree down in small pieces by use of the latest rigging equipment.

Enjoy the pics!



Willow tree crown clean and conifer hedge trim

image image image

Here we crown cleaned a lovely weeping willow tree, by this we removed all major deadwood and any crossing dangerous branches! This opened up the crown to let a lot more light through, we also reduced and trimmed up the conifer hedge to add the finishing touches to the garden!

Large Ash tree dismantle!!

image image image image image image image image image imageThis Tree was sectionally dismantled by our experienced climber, the tree was brought down in small pieces by lowering and rigging equipment.

The Ash tree itself was located at the side of a very busy main road and had started to push the wall over! So Hamish Heley of Heley Tree Care, did a full survey of the tree and came to the decision with the client that the tree had to come down for safety reasons!

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